Vintage Themed Wedding Cakes… From The High Street!

You’re trotting up your local high street, heading towards your local supermarket to do your usual weekly shop. Your trying to remember your shopping list. You can’t. You’re too busy thinking about all the exciting things you still need to do to arrange your dream wedding. You’ve got a venue, your dress, agreed a colour scheme… but what about the all-important cake? Well, if you keep heading towards your local supermarket you’ll be on the right track; many have an amazing array of gorgeous wedding cakes to order!

I’ve spotted these beautiful, vintage themed cakes from Waitrose, which would look perfect at your big day if you’re looking to add some easy elegance to the event. Marks & Spencers have a decent range too but for some stylish old school opulence, I think Waitrose takes the cake 😉

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Vintage Style Wedding Cakes

I came across this site for wedding cakes by Maisie Fantaisie

I love the detail, the delicate patterns and lovingly made sugarcraft across all their designs. There are so many beautiful creations, it’s hard to choose just one!

This pretty stack, called ‘Tallulah’, boasts gorgeous ruffles and a flower design. It’s made from Meyer lemon cake, ‘Duchy Originals’ lemon curd, vanilla bean buttercream, handmade sugar rosettes and Swarovski crystals:

'Tallulah' Wedding Cake

The ‘Paris Chic’ cake below is one of my favourites – I love the vintage cake stand and the recipe sounds scrumptious (Madagascar vanilla bean cake, almond buttercream, apricot preserve and handmade sugar daisies):

'Paris Chic' Wedding Cake

The ‘Peach Pearl’ cake is made with the same recipe as the ‘Tallulah’ above, but has a simple design that silently screams vintage chic:

'Peach & Pearl' Wedding Cake

For an elegant, smaller sized cake, why not try this ‘Rose & Daisy’ cake, with a fair trade arabica espresso coffee sponge, Amedei Toscano chocolate and lashings of orange zest buttercream, all decorated with grosgrain ribbon and pretty, handmade sugar flowers:

'Rose & Daisy' Wedding Cake

Clearly, the highlight of a wedding isn’t just the bride… these show-stoppers will compete with the most stunning of brides on their big day 😉