Men In Spandex

Who are you? You’re looking for “men in spandex” or “spandex man”, according to the list of most popular search referrals to my blog.

I do indeed have a post about men in spandex (I’d give you the link but you can up my site stats if you search for it) and I never dreamed it would be this popular. By the way, did I mention that the aforementioned blog includes a great image; buff man, very tight spankies, you get the picture…

I am starting to wonder if I should use tags like “women in lycra” to generate double the traffic. Has anyone got a photo of themselves in a pair of tight cycling shorts that I can post as a ruse please? Something that will emphasise their sexy thighs? Wait, will the inclusion of the words “sexy thighs” now also up my stats? Sexy thighs. Sexy thighs. Sexy thighs. Spandex. Spandex. Spandex.

Hey it’s worth a try, right?


Trim That Bush!


You have to admire the artistic vision of the graffiti artist responsible for the above design, found on a wall in an upmarket residential area of North London. Who’d have imagined that a few hanging leaves would inspire such an X-rated result! It’s hilarious … though I doubt all the local residents will agree! I wonder if this will inspire them to trim the offending bush 😉 I can’t wait for the news headline: “RARE URBAN BEAVER KILLED BY LOCALS”