New British Film Director Showcases First Movie

This one is for all the movie fans out there…

Check out my Q&A with up-and-coming film director Tyrone Samuels on

It’s great to see homegrown talent chasing their dreams, making movies and helping other rising stars, like actors, get some exposure.


TK Maxx – Latest Bridal Shoes

I was in TK Maxx again this week and spotted a few new bridal shoes adorning their shelves.

This vintage-styled pair from Rocket Dog look like they’re made from Silk and have a medium high heel:


The designer pair along the shelf – from Filippa Scott – weren’t half bad either, looking elegant and comfortable:


Too plain? Fear not. Check out these blinged out high heels that were also on the shelf:


With prices ranging from £19.99 to £29.99, these shoes won’t break the bank yet promise to add some style to your all-important walk down the aisle!