The colours of happiness will never appear without a border;
The darkness of sorrow, without which we’d know not joy.
Elation, it seems, is like an obsessive hoarder;
It hangs on to the fragments of life like a child clutches a toy;
Memories shade every section of our lives;
Childhood to present are strokes of a brush;
Every new colour the result of how one strives;
Blocked out with black to symbol death’s eternal hush.
Before the blackout comes a swathe of light;
See colours dance on a canvas of our making,
The dark border is there but rarely captured by sight;
Look at the edges for inner awakening;
We are framed by the dark to make more vibrant the bright.


Lips Gone Wild


I once tried those brightly coloured, elaborately patterned, lip tattoos and it got me thinking… If women could get the manufacturers, Violent Lips, to produce a delicate looking vintage lace or broderie selection, in pastels or nude, would any brides dare to wear them on their wedding day?

From a photographer’s perspective, the wedding pics would probably look like a high-end couture spread from a glossy fashion magazine. From a practical perspective, your future mother-in-law would probably run screaming from the wedding venue shouting “Stop the wedding!”. But I do like the idea of introducing vintage design into weddings in an unconventional way – just not necessarily with lip tattoos. I think my imagination needs to work harder. So… I’m thinking… Still thinking… And will let you know when I finally crack this!