PHOTOS: The Cake & Bake Show 2013 – Part 2

Here are a few more shots of yet more lovely cakes from The Cake & Bake Show at London’s Earl’s Court on Sunday 15th September:


Time for tea!


Hungry yet?


Stylish & Girlie!


Red & Romantic




Chocolate... Mmmm!




Stairway to heaven...


PHOTOS: The Cake & Bake Show 2013

I saw some cracking cake designs at this year’s Cake & Bake Show at Earl’s Court on Sunday 15th September – great inspiration for your wedding cake!

From vintage to abstract, there was every conceivable design to view. Here are a few photos of my favourites:


Stained Glass Window Design


Elegant Yet Modern!


Vintage Elegance


Colours & Petals


Helter Skelter & More!


All Wrapped Up!




Black & White!

Wedding Cakes of The Vintage Variety

Rosalind Miller certainly knows how to create a show-stopping cake; you’ll regularly find one of her designs gracing the pages of a magazine or showcased on a TV show. Her creativity and vision seem to know no bounds, using icing and sponge to create not just beautiful cakes but genuine works of art. My favourites are, as ever, the styles which draw upon the best of the past to create something current in the present. Nothing beats a vintage inspired wedding cake. I’m biased, of course, but it’s plainly obvious. Just look at the creations below and then you tell me… am I wrong?

Vintage Lace wedding cake designs by Rosalind Miller

Fairytale Wedding Cake by Rosalind Miller

If The Shoe Fits… Eat It!


Jimmy Choo must be breaking out into a cold sweat right now… The stunning shoe pictured is tasty competition 😉 Yup, it’s a cupcake. Lovingly crafted by my own hands, with a lot of artistic direction from The Hampstead Cake Company, the scrumptious little creation features chocolate sponge, icing, sugar pearls and a Cadbury’s chocolate finger. Stilletos don’t come any sweeter than this.

Scrumptious & Sophisticated Wedding Cakes!

If it includes sponge and buttercream I’m usually a fan. I love cakes. Chocolate cakes, plain cakes, layer cakes, slab cakes… you name it, I can pretty much eat it in record time. When it comes to wedding cakes though, it’s absolutely shocking how many of them can both look and taste awful. On the one day in your life where you want everyone to ask for seconds, there’s nothing more embarrassing than serving a below average wedding cake.

Visually, I prefer a tower of stacked layer cakes. Individual cupcakes are cute, but you can get those at a bake sale. They’re just not special enough. At a wedding, I expect to see a pillar of beauty… literally. It has to be something that could rival an ancient Greek-built pillar in Zeus’ temple. I want beauty, height, glamour, detail and a moment where I am compelled to suck in my breath and say “Wow! Just look at that cake!”.

As a lover of antique and vintage styles, the retro look is more to my taste. Iced pipework, rosettes, lace strips and anything else that looks straight out of my grandmother’s era is a must. Those dames had style. And a lot of elegance. If it was good enough for them then it’s good enough for me. Now, there’s no need to go overboard; there are ‘modern vintage’ styles that you can choose from so you don’t need to go for the ceramic cake-toppers or edible paper flowers that your Nana may have selected for her big day. Your cake can have all the best of yesteryear with all today’s chic.

Check out The Abigail Bloom Cake Company in London for a selection of gorgeous wedding cakes. My favourites include the yummy looking ‘Tabitha’ below, which is classy and simple:


I also adore the ‘Camille’ cake pictured below. The flower detail is wonderful and it looks so graceful…


I’m also quite taken with this delicious looking tower:


Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the above style is called (you’ll need to contact Abigail Bloom) but it looks divine!

You’ll be pleased to discover that Abigail Bloom’s cakes are available in a range of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, banana, carrot and red velvet. For the full list of sponge and buttercream combinations on offer, please read through their cake menu.

Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to think not of the future but of the past. Cakes with vintage chic are something we can all enjoy… at any time, in any era.

Chocolate Cake With Orange Curd

I recently tried a birthday cake from the in-store counter at Waitrose. The supermarket brand makes cakes to order, including for weddings, but never did I expect to find a lusciously moist chocolate and orange invention ready to buy from their bakery section.


Priced at £21, this sinfully delicious sponge and buttercream layer cake includes lashings of orange curd and rich chocolate buttercream under a heavenly marzipan and chocolate icing.

My birthday guests asked for seconds, so they were clearly as enamoured as I was!

Yummy Wedding Cakes? They Certainly Look It!

For those who are new to reading my blogs, there is one thing you should know; I love vintage-looking wedding cakes. I like the regal feel they bring to the overall day. I like the intricate detail of their iced pipework. I like the fact that they are individual. Right now, you may be thinking “But my wedding cake will always be individual because it will mean something special to my partner and I”. That’s a lovely attitude… but a tad boring in my view. Of course your cake will be individual to you, but don’t you want it to look special to everyone else at your big day, too? What if all your guests think it looks as routine as the last wedding cake they saw, at someone else’s wedding?

You could be really bold and opt for a themed or crazy coloured cake. This would undoubtedly guarantee some stand out – especially if you pick a design that’s so unusual or unexpected, you’re guests are unlikely to have ever seen it before. That would certainly make the cake a focal point for your big day. It could also make it comedic event, instead of the romantic celebration you were aiming for.

So, what to do? The answer is simple: go vintage!

I came across a website for The Yummy Cake Company and was thrilled to find a wide array of wedding cake designs on offer. The clear winners are, unsurprisingly, those which take their style from yesteryear; those which look vintage…

Check out their site for more inspiration but I think you’ll be missing a trick if you opt for a modern design when you can opt for the sophisticated and chic options above.

Vintage Themed Wedding Cakes… From The High Street!

You’re trotting up your local high street, heading towards your local supermarket to do your usual weekly shop. Your trying to remember your shopping list. You can’t. You’re too busy thinking about all the exciting things you still need to do to arrange your dream wedding. You’ve got a venue, your dress, agreed a colour scheme… but what about the all-important cake? Well, if you keep heading towards your local supermarket you’ll be on the right track; many have an amazing array of gorgeous wedding cakes to order!

I’ve spotted these beautiful, vintage themed cakes from Waitrose, which would look perfect at your big day if you’re looking to add some easy elegance to the event. Marks & Spencers have a decent range too but for some stylish old school opulence, I think Waitrose takes the cake 😉

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Spotlight on Vintage Style Wedding Cakes

You’re planning your wedding and torn between choosing a modern-looking wedding cake or a vintage styled creation. It’s a case of contemporary style versus stylish chic. There’s no right or wrong; choosing your wedding cake is a personal choice. As long as it’s in keeping with the overall theme of your special day and tastes as good as it looks, you can’t go wrong.

Or can you?

Having been to many weddings where the cake has upstaged the bride (I KID YOU NOT), I’d recommend giving careful consideration to this seemingly simple task. The cake selected says as much about a bride’s personal style as her wedding dress does. An over-the-top dress paired with an over-the-top cake in an over-the-top venue with over-the-top decorations reeks of insecurity; the bride is desperate to impress everyone and her day is more about others rather than herself and the special commitment she is making to her partner.

Ask yourself, ‘who or what will be the showstopper at my wedding’? For me – and of course, you may disagree – it’s the bride who should be crowned as the undisputed showstopper. She is the pivot upon which everything rests; her dress (style, drape, shape, texture) influences the overall colour scheme – from the flower arrangements to the venue decorations. The bride should be the one thing that constantly draws the eye throughout the day; a beautiful vision no-one wants to look away from. Everything else should work to enhance this vision of beauty, not upstage it, and that includes the wedding cake. It’s one of the many wonderful finishing touches which should all work together to deliver a stunning, overall experience of the entire day. When the cake has more va-va-voom than the bride at a wedding, I always find myself feeling disappointed for her. As I sit within the crowd, listening to everyone’s endless comments about the “amazing cake” which “looks gorgeous” I think to myself: ‘Er, isn’t that what they should be saying about the bride?’. I rest my case.