Channel Your Inner Kid


Since entering my 30s, I’ve found my desire to paint and draw increase with a passion. Sick of looking at a computer all day, I can’t tell you how good it feels to stop thinking and start doing. Working with my hands has given me a freedom that feels euphoric.

I’ve even started modelling with play-dough, using clay, braiding friendship bracelets and finger painting. I’m loving every second and have even started looking at Arts & Craft courses at local colleges. I dream of gaining a qualification in something like Pottery, Ceramics or Glass Blowing. Quite how I would pursue my skills at home, I don’t know. But I refuse to be put off. It’s not in my nature. At least, it never used to be. I was always admired for my tenacity but then, responsibilities and the weight of life took over and I lost some of my gumption. No more. I want to channel my inner kid and do all the things I enjoy doing.

If someone says ‘No, you can’t do that!’ I’m going to stamp my foot, pout and respond: ‘Why not?’ and then do it anyway. Yes, I have responsibilities. Yes, I shouldn’t be spending any money on my hobbies during the current economic climate. Yes, I should act like a grown up and stick to a corporate career. But… No, I’m not going to do any of that. I’m going to do as I please. I’ve got one life to live and I want it to be in gloriously full colour, as illustrated with paints, chalk, crayons, stained glass and anything else that takes my fancy!

Men In Spandex

Who are you? You’re looking for “men in spandex” or “spandex man”, according to the list of most popular search referrals to my blog.

I do indeed have a post about men in spandex (I’d give you the link but you can up my site stats if you search for it) and I never dreamed it would be this popular. By the way, did I mention that the aforementioned blog includes a great image; buff man, very tight spankies, you get the picture…

I am starting to wonder if I should use tags like “women in lycra” to generate double the traffic. Has anyone got a photo of themselves in a pair of tight cycling shorts that I can post as a ruse please? Something that will emphasise their sexy thighs? Wait, will the inclusion of the words “sexy thighs” now also up my stats? Sexy thighs. Sexy thighs. Sexy thighs. Spandex. Spandex. Spandex.

Hey it’s worth a try, right?

An Artistic Climb Higher


Spotted this piece of Art being sold at a local shopping mall. It’s not a great photo of what is actually visually striking. If you can’t make out the detail, those little orange and white specks are carefully crafted 3D figures of miniature rock climbers (or construction workers?). That’s real string used for ropes (not merely painted on) and the rock surface is probably crafted from some kind of latex.


Can I see this hanging in my living room? No. Can I imagine it hanging in the lobby of a funky construction company or adventure tour group? Yes.

Otherwise, look upon it as a motivational message; never stop aspiring to climb higher. If little orange men can do it, so can we 😉

Personalise Your Scent-ter Pieces!


If you want to make your wedding day truly personal, and keep that vintage feel, think about making your centre-pieces scent-sational by adding your own, handmade candle – complete with your own signature scent featuring all the smells you and your beau love!

I made a vintage tea cup soya candle (pictured above) at The Make Lounge in Islington, London. For a paltry £29 I got to learn not only how to make scented soya candles at home but also how and which essential oils blend well together to create my perfect scent. And they let me choose a vintage tea cup and saucer to my liking, especially for my candle.

The helpful handouts provided on the day – and also by email – mean that I can start making more candles at home.

It’s really quick and fairly cheap to make your own scented candles at home so if you’re on a tight budget for your big day but still want a personal touch, this is definitely worth exploring.

If you’re worried about having a fragrance which may be too overpowering, you can colour your candles instead and leave out the fragranced oils, to still add a personal impact to your centre-pieces or table decorations. Otherwise, opt for delicate scents to blend into a subtle but heavenly perfumed candle.

Alternatively, why not give out mini versions of your handmade scented candles as wedding favours instead? Make them reminders of your day by incorporating scents that feature in your overall wedding theme… Like the fragrance of the main flower in your wedding bouquet or button holes; the flavours of your wedding cake, like vanilla, lemon or chocolate; or you could even opt for reflecting your location so if you’re having a spring wedding, you can add the smell of freshly cut grass!

You only need a few drops of fragranced oils per candle & synthetic oils are stronger and cheaper than many essential oils so buying and mixing a batch for your wedding need not be costly.

I’ve already seen some beautiful vintage cups and saucers in my local charity shops, all priced fairly cheaply (you can even pick up a full tea set with 6 – 8 cups, sugar bowl & tea pot for under £20!). If tea cups aren’t your thing, go for vintage glass bowls or mini vases – anything as long as it’s heat proof!

In case you’re wondering, my scented candle contains a blend of vanilla, geranium and grapefruit oils. I won’t reveal the exact amounts – hey, it’s my signature scent after all – but needless to say it smells heavenly, and reflects me in every way 😉