Tiaras For A Queen!

In honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I couldn’t resist shining a spotlight on one of the most girliest, yet regal, of hair accessories; the tiara. Any bride planning a vintage themed wedding should give serious thought to adding an opulent antique tiara to her get-up. After all, your wedding is effectively the time when you become Queen for a day; all eyes are on you, you’re the centre of attention and the focus of all your subjects (ok, we’ll go back to calling them ‘guests’ but you have to admit, the thought of them becoming your subjects for the day definitely enthralls…).

For the truly extravagant, check out Etsy for jewelled tiaras dating as far back as the 1800s. They’re not cheap, but they’re certainly breathtaking – and you’d easily check off the ‘old’ or even ‘something blue’ from your list of wedding day traditions.

The crown tiara below – yep, it’s actually called a ‘crown’ – is a French brass and gilt creation from the late 1800s. At £552.06, it’s a tad pricey, but a far better investment than a pair of designer shoes or a dress you’ll only wear once:

If that’s too colourful – and you don’t mind breaking the bank – the superb tiara below costs over £4,000. It’s a rare French crown (there’s that delicious word again) boasting an ornate, filigree design with mercury glass balls nestled in beautifully crafted flower petals. It’s more than an investment – it’s a bonafide work of art. Originally found in an ancient church, it would have once graced the head of a Madonna or Saint – and for a high price, it could adorn your very own temple. The seller states that it’s in pristine condition, but in case you still have doubts, you’ll be reassured to know that this crown was featured on a recent TV show in the USA, where experts confirmed the hefty valuation – it truly is worth every penny:

If your budget won’t stretch to an actual antique crown, dump your future hubby for a richer prospect. Kidding! All is not lost… you don’t need bags of money to look like a Queen on your big day. The 1930s were big on sparkly hair combs; rhinestone designs that sparkle like diamonds under the light. Ebay, Etsy and charity shops are great places to pick up some of these wonderful alternatives – I own several for the sheer beauty of them, not even for a wedding day! Here’s one currently on Etsy, which looks like a mini-tiara, priced for under £65:

It’s eye-poppingly pretty and would look beautiful nestled in front of a simple hair bun or any bridal hair style with some height. It’s definitely time to channel your inner Royalty and wear your tiara with pride; you are the Queen of the ball on your big day – and don’t you dare let anyone forget it!


Antique Engagement Rings

Vintage 1.56 Carat Old European Cut Diamond. Circa 1935.


I adore antique and vintage engagement rings – especially if they include diamonds! It’s not just the cushion cut of the rock that makes them sparkle brighter than Angelina Jolie’s teeth, it’s the the incredible style of the actual bands and stone settings that make them stand out from the rest. It’s so boring to see modern rings with their plain bands; I want detail, height, filligree, engraving – you name it, I want to see it! If you’re looking to buy an antique ring, check out this link to the current offerings for sale on Etsy. If I won the lottery I’d scoop the lot, and wear a different one every day for the rest of my life. OTT? Maybe. Obssessed? Definitely. And very proud!

The stunning ring pictured above is on sale through the Erstwhile Jewelry Co. on Etsy. The listing for the ring can be found here. It will set you back $10,000 (so if any UK folks have a spare £6,000 lying around that they don’t know what to do with … Hi! Please buy this ring for me and make a stranger soooo happy.


Art(ful) Hair Deco-Ration…

Check out this ART(ful) hair DECO-ration which is both glamorous and stylish, despite being older than your Nan!

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The vintage aluminum and rhinestone 1920s Art Deco comb is now on sale for just over £26 on Etsy. Think that’s too pricey? Have you seen the extortionate prices on the high-street for mass-produced accessories? Nowadays, £26 can’t even get you a decent necklace and earrings set, yet you can pick up this fantastic antique as a timeless keepsake and fantastic investment.

Art Deco Decadence

It’s a New Year, a new start and for plenty of couples across the globe it’ll be the start of their wedding planning. If your partner wasn’t armed with a gorgeous ring before getting down on one knee on Christmas morning to pop the question, count yourself lucky. Yep, I said lucky! What could be better than shopping for your own beautiful, shiny, diamond ring? Let’s face it, you’re almost always more likely to pick a bigger and more expensive band if you choose it for yourself, plus it’ll be to your personal style and you’ll get to spend a romantic day or two with your partner to either hit the shops or trawl the internet to find your perfect Sparkler. Bliss!

Before you opt for a modern, solitaire diamond showstopper please ask yourself this? Do I really want a ring that looks mass produced and just like everyone else’s? Surely not. Don’t you want something that has more style, sophistication and glamour? Yes? Good.

Check out this inspiring Art Deco Wedding Ring Set from the 1930s, now on sale on Etsy for just over £1,200… even if it’s not quite to your taste, the stunning detail should give you enough inspiration to think outside of the box (and straight onto your finger) when it comes to picking out a beautifully crafted, antique ring.

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And for two gorgeous bands, the price tag shows that you can get a lot more for your money with a classic creation than a brand new, boring solitaire.

As I like to say, “If it’s old, I’m sold.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping on sites like Etsy, eBay and PreLoved to find your dream ring for your dream wedding.

Gorgeous Vintage Jewellery – FOR SALE ONLINE

I love vintage jewellery and accessories. Whenever I see a second hand ring or brooch, I find myself wondering and speculating about the stories behind each unique item. I imagine the loving couples who must have shared intimate moments of joy when picking out their wedding rings, or a weepy daughter who must have been overcome with emotion to learn that her mother or grandmother had bequeathed a treasured keepsake. Whatever their stories, there’s no denying that vintage jewellery is far more beautiful and ornate in comparison to today’s mass-market offerings. Here are my favourite finds for this week, selected because they are simple enough to wear in this modern age without looking too kitsch or dated.

This 1940s ring set boasts a stunning diamond engagement band. This kind of beauty – and history – doesn’t come cheap so the price tag of $800 initially seems on the high side but when you stop to think that you get two rings for that price, it’s not half as much as you would expect to pay for separate engagement and wedding bands…

1940s wedding & engagement ring set

Check out this gorgeous, sparkly 1950s goldtone ribbon brooch currently on Ebay. It’s only £11.90 so it won’t break the bank but will certainly pack a punch on any coat, top, scarf or blouse:

1950s Ribbon Brooch

This lovely rhinestone hair comb would be perfect for a vintage-style bride on her big day. Priced at just $9 (around £5.50), it’s an absolute steal!

Vintage Rhinestone Hair Comb

I’m in love with this beautiful, elegent Van Dell brooch from the 1960s. It’s priced $26, so a UK buyer can snap this up for around £16. A bit expensive, I know, but well worth it for a timeless piece of jewellery:

Van Dell Ivory Flower Brooch with 12k Gold Filled Leaves