Dance Like Beyonce At Your Wedding (Crazy In Love)

You’ve got to admire Beyonce … The woman rocks out arenas for two hours straight, night after night, wearing ridiculously high heels. That’s got to hurt. If it was me, I’d be guzzling painkillers the whole night through. It’s bad enough when you hit the club on a Saturday night. It’s not long before you start scanning the venue for a comfy seat, or even resort to kicking off your stilettos to go barefoot. Foot ache can start to nag like tooth ache very quickly. Unfortunately.

There are no such choices for Beyonce at her gigs and your wedding day is your own Beyonce moment; all eyes on you, hour after hour, all night long. You’re the queen of the dancefloor, jumping, shimmying, shaking and swaying through every single song being delivered by your band or DJ. Your feet start throbbing and no amount of adrenalin can anaesthetize the pain. There’s no avoiding it; the wedding’s in full swing but the bride’s about to fall flat. Thank God. For flat soles, that is. Yep, most savvy brides have their maid of honour stash a pair of flats for them in a bag, ready to produce at that crucial moment when you’re ready to start crying or screaming.

A simple satin pair of ballerina pumps, dyed to match the colour of your dress, will suffice. But, if you want some bling to match your wedding ring, I’d suggest this sparkly, white, patent pair currently on sale in Fenwicks (Brent Cross Shopping Centre). Check out the faux diamonds and pearls… Even Prince (Symbol or whatever he’s called these days) would surely approve.



For £25, these will be a cheap saviour on the most important night of your life. So, let things go flat on your wedding night – and have a better time!

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