Vintage Style Wedding Cakes – From Kitsch To Classy!

You all know that I adore anything vintage and bridal themed. I love looking at the different styles of vintage wedding gowns and wedding cakes. The detailing is usually splendid, casting a look at the skills of the old world experts who painstakingly crafted their goods to absolute perfection. Finding modern day versions gives me such joy because I love the thought of the best parts of yesterday being repeated tomorrow; what was great once can always be great again. Amen.

Today, I’ve been admiring the different styles of wedding cakes from two separate companies; Zoe Clark Cakes and Dunn’s Bakery. So many of their creations have caught my attention but here are some of my particular favourites:


Zoe Clark’s Pink Vintage Lace Cake above is breathtaking. The icing looks intricate and pretty, creating the delicate lace effect which could match many a bridal gown in its simplicity and grace. In contrast, Dunn’s Bakery have the even more vintage looking Cameo Cake below, which could rival any Regency decorated wedding venues for a showstopper award! And if you’re lucky enough to serve your wedding meal on Wedgewood china, this cake is a must for you…


For a more ‘girlie’ gloriousness, I love the Ivory Ruffle creation below, from Zoe Clark. She gets top marks for evoking my nostalgia for ’50s prom dresses! I desperately want to run my fingers through the ruffles like I would across a frilly prom skirt! Of course, that would completely destroy the stunning visual effect, but I suspect licking the icing from my hands afterwards would more than compensate 😉


You’ll find yet more Hollywood glamour in Zoe Clark’s Bow & Brooch Cake, which is a favourite coupling amongst cake makers. It’s amazing what a bit of bling and ribbon can do to not only jazz up an iced cake but also give it that ever-beautiful vintage appeal:


If 1950s ruffles aren’t your thing, and you think brooches are for grandmothers, there’s always the 1970s if you want brighter inspiration. ’70s wedding cakes were famous for their high tiers and colourful accessories – from edible flowers to vibrant ribbons. It may sound kitsch, but these cakes can still look stylish in today’s modern world. All it takes is a little imagination – and it looks like Dunn’s Bakery can probably find a perfect balance of colour and style to suit your tastes. Check out their Rosetrellis design below:


Not for you? What about the regal looking Dunstan (pictured below) instead? Not as detailed as the Rosetrellis, you still get the impact of the separate tiers and a very eye-catching cake topper…


If you’re veering back towards more ‘contemporary vintage’, Zoe Clark’s Broderie Lace Cake or Sweet Roses & Dots designs are both definitely worth a look-see:

Image Image

Alternatively, if they’re not quite vintage enough for you, but you still want something similar, there’s Dunn Bakery’s Cascade cake (below). With it’s pink roses and pipework icing, it may be the perfect compromise!


Otherwise, it may be worth speaking to Zoe Clark about a more specific theme. I love what she’s created below – a dress inspired by a wedding gown design! This is her Caroline Castigliano Dress Inspired Cake and it’s beautiful…


All this cake talk has made me hugry … it’s time to dig a gateau from the freezer or find a nice tea shop for a slice of Victoria Sponge. Yummy!

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