How Low Can You Go?


One of the things I first notice when walking into a wedding reception are the table centrepieces. Usually, the greatest visual impact comes from taller designs, standing over the seated head level of guests. That may be so but there’s nothing more annoying than being sat at a circular table with an obstructed view of those seated opposite. It restricts conversation across the table and can create a “them and us” environment.

So, I ask you… How Low Can You Go?

Having been to scores of weddings throughout my lifetime, I’m becoming increasing fond of low centrepieces. They open up the feel of the venue, creating the illusion of space.

From stacked mini plant pots to water filled bowls topped with floating flower heads and candles, I’ve seen an array of shorter centrepieces to suit every budget.

If you’re stuck for an idea, use the image above as inspiration. It’s actually a Christmas design, which was made by the florists in John Lewis’ flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. I think it would also work well for any Autumn wedding, where arrangements using flowers, fruit and spices (such as cinnamon sticks) are more common and bring to life the colours of the season (reds, oranges, rusts, greens, golds and caramels).

This particular John Lewis beauty cost £60 but your local florist can produce something equally show-stopping for less using seasonal flowers and alternative accessories. And, best of all, it will create a stunning visual impact without impairing your guests’ ability to see one another!

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