Ladies Aren’t What They Used To Be…


The thing I admire most about the Mad Men era of women is that they had not only style and grace, they also exuded sex appeal without having to flash their bits to all and sundry. Now, I’m all for empowerment and think women should wear whatever they feel fabulous in, but even I balked at this teenage girl’s ‘cheeky’ sight!

I spotted her on an escalator in a shopping mall. She was constantly pulling down her shorts to cover her modesty. The photos show her covered bottom… Before she pulled her shorts down, I was flashed most of her naked behind. If I was a heterosexual man, I would have cried with joy. Sadly, I am not. Most worryingly, the woman in front of this girl is her mother, who seemed to have no concern for the middle aged men who were ogling her under-aged daughter.

I burned with the desire to offer the teenager a free styling session and make-over. I wouldn’t have made her look too vintage, but as she was already rocking a slightly ’70s free love image, there was a lot I could have done to make her look less provocative while remaining faithful to the era.

When it comes to ‘batty riders’, teenagers should just say ‘No’!


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