Hell is not an afterlife,
Hell is a reality.
I’ve walked through its doorway
Of masked duplicity.

I know what it wants,
I’ve seen its hunger and its greed,
For all the souls it has,
These aren’t its ruler’s need.

A soul is not enough.
It still wants to take.
A never-ending appetite,
It feeds on your ache.

Say goodbye to happiness.
So long dear sanity.
Farewell to kindness.
Welcome dishonesty.

Burning all emotion,
Cremating empathy,
Incinerating love,
Bringing apathy.

Charred by its fire,
Strangely feeling cold.
A dark, dank emptiness;
Quickly takes hold.

No more sounds of laughter.
No light through the dark.
Desolation, despair and sorrow.
The world is horribly stark.

To exit through the door,
To leave this world behind,
I died every day,
I had to lose my mind.

Resurrection is a blessing.
I feel safe, alive and wise.
My soul is dead and buried.
A new one forced to rise.

I don’t know who I am.
Can’t say who I will be.
It doesn’t really matter
I finally feel like… me.

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