Spotlight on Vintage Style Wedding Cakes

You’re planning your wedding and torn between choosing a modern-looking wedding cake or a vintage styled creation. It’s a case of contemporary style versus stylish chic. There’s no right or wrong; choosing your wedding cake is a personal choice. As long as it’s in keeping with the overall theme of your special day and tastes as good as it looks, you can’t go wrong.

Or can you?

Having been to many weddings where the cake has upstaged the bride (I KID YOU NOT), I’d recommend giving careful consideration to this seemingly simple task. The cake selected says as much about a bride’s personal style as her wedding dress does. An over-the-top dress paired with an over-the-top cake in an over-the-top venue with over-the-top decorations reeks of insecurity; the bride is desperate to impress everyone and her day is more about others rather than herself and the special commitment she is making to her partner.

Ask yourself, ‘who or what will be the showstopper at my wedding’? For me – and of course, you may disagree – it’s the bride who should be crowned as the undisputed showstopper. She is the pivot upon which everything rests; her dress (style, drape, shape, texture) influences the overall colour scheme – from the flower arrangements to the venue decorations. The bride should be the one thing that constantly draws the eye throughout the day; a beautiful vision no-one wants to look away from. Everything else should work to enhance this vision of beauty, not upstage it, and that includes the wedding cake. It’s one of the many wonderful finishing touches which should all work together to deliver a stunning, overall experience of the entire day. When the cake has more va-va-voom than the bride at a wedding, I always find myself feeling disappointed for her. As I sit within the crowd, listening to everyone’s endless comments about the “amazing cake” which “looks gorgeous” I think to myself: ‘Er, isn’t that what they should be saying about the bride?’. I rest my case.

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