Dealing With A Break Up

Only five days since we went our separate ways,
Since I walked away, said we needed a break.
The days have gone by in a psychotic craze,
How could I make such a stupid mistake?
“It’s not forever”, that’s what I said,
But deep in my mind, there in my head
I made a decision to never look back
So why do I struggle to stay on track?
I miss you, I want you,
I NEED you… I’ll admit it.
You’re an addiction so strong,
It hurts trying to kick it.
You were always there,
Whenever I felt low,
Yet now I treat you
Like a dastardly foe.
Turning my back,
Ignoring your call,
Putting up barriers,
Building a wall.
I couldn’t carry on,
Please try to see
I had no choice – it was you or me.
You were making me weak,
I was becoming too needy,
Selfish, indulgent, dependent and greedy.
You offered me comfort
Which I willingly took
It was only for Lent
That I forced myself to look
At all of my vices; a horrible list,
My body in crisis… I knew I had to resist,
So I took a vow, to show you the door
Such a difficult choice; now I long for you more.
I yearn for your warmth, solace and smell,
Knowing we’re over is quite simply hell
You’ve always been such a wonderful friend,
And the longing I feel will surely never end.
There’s no-one like you,
You’re the leader of the pack
The perfect golden brew,
There’s nothing you lack,
I sit and reminisce
On all those soothing sips,
You’ll always have my heart but…
Goodbye PG Tips.

[This poem is to mark the end of my addiction to tea. No more 5 cups a day. We are over.]

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