Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

I never gave much thought to how I would want my big day to be. I haven’t even got a fiance, let alone a wedding date. But, it occured to me as I was clearing out my closet recently that I have a major passion for vintage style fashion.

Rooting through gorgeous Mary Jane shoes and peep-toe courts, pretty ’50s cut skirts and a plethora of patterned dresses, I could see the past starring me in the face. I like classic style; elegant 1930s sweeping gowns, waist-hugging dresses and intricately detailed accessories from yester-year. The sad thing is that I’m currently too fat to wear most of my wardrobe but the joy it gave me to look upon it is quite simply, unparalleled.

Whatever happens, if and when my big day rolls around, I won’t be rolling down the aisle. I’ll be hot-footing it to the gym, streamlining myself to fit into a gorgeous vintage wedding gown Grace Kelly would be proud of…

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